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Single Galz is a show about three girls in their early twenties, making all the wrong moves in the world of relationships.

Season 2 follows three new young women, Nompendulo, Ivy-Ella and Mimi, who find themselves at the cusp of their lives, their early twenties. The possibilities ahead of them are endless and they explore them all. But the fact that they live together, sharing eighty percent of their waking life with, around and all over each other, can make their lives collide in disastrously funny ways.


Taryn and Sharon find themselves on the wrong side of thirty and desperately looking for rich, handsome and agreeable husbands to marry and make babies with. What they don’t realise is that they are joined at the hip and are practically already married to each other. This is a perfect union as they are both unbearably self-involved and completely oblivious of the world around them.

Throughout the series, Taryn and Sharon navigate the upper crust of the Northern Johannesburg suburbs, colliding with housewives who have “made it” while they, on the other hand, lag behind but when all is said and done they will always have each other to make themselves feel better.



Khaya, Zanele and Thaps have grown up and moved on. Three young and very different men move into an apartment together.  The new trio, MAZI, SIYANDA and SKHINDI are Single Guyz II.  It’s a new year and these guys have to figure out how they are going to survive, make money, and find love and success in Braamfontein, Joburg. Along the way, they form friendships, make mistakes, and learn life-changing lessons. They feel fear, love, joy, disappointment and excitement, all on their journey towards becoming independent men.


A comedy series created by Alan Committee and Tom Eaton featuring a staff-room full of small minded, bitter and generally inept high school teachers.

The show enjoyed a short first season (six episodes) back in 2012, after which the SABC commissioned a 26 part second season for 2015. Season 2 kicks off on SABC 3 on the 29th of June at 20h00.



Single Galz is an SABC1 sitcom about three girls in their twenties, making all the wrong moves in the world of relationships.







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