Quizzical is probably best known for its television drama, which have won us countless awards over the years.  Since SABC1's Tsha Tsha put us on the map back in 2003, we have been responsible for the lion's share of first rate South African drama.  


MTV SHUGA DOWN SOUTH 2 begins one year later with Sol Shenge returning to Zenzele after spending a short time in prison. His return sets off a chain of events that explores topical themes like toxic masculinity and the root causes of gender-based violence. Meanwhile Reggie, Bongi, Q and Ipeleng have finished school and are navigating their way in the downtown hub of Braamfontein. This new series culminates in a startling conclusion that asks provocative questions about how we might make communities safer and securer for all who live in them. 



The death of a beloved student at an exclusive girls’ school sets off a chain of events that threatens to bring a century-old institution to its knees. As lies are exposed, and secrets unearthed, the dead girl’s mentor comes to discover that everyone at St. Agnes had something to hide. And that someone close to her killed to keep their secrets.



The story takes place in two worlds, each as complex and dark as the other – the courtroom and the Diamond City prison.

When public prosecutor Zandile, (Noxee Maqashalala) known for showing no mercy is imprisoned herself, she has to face the wrath of many of the women she put inside. Whilst dealing with this, she also has to try and prove her innocence of a charge of murder and human trafficking.



The new drama series tells a story of a young teacher, Khosi, who gets involved in a pyramid scheme ran by Pharaoh Investments. The show is inspired by real-life events of pyramid schemes and seeks to answer questions such as: ‘is there such thing as an easy money?’

Easy Money is framed by the insightful narration of Khosi’s only son, Moagi, who guides the audience through a turbulent period in which his mother makes decisions that badly affect her life – and the lives of all those around her.



Just like the film, the heartbeat of iNumber Number remains the relationship between Chilli and Shoes, whose brotherhood bond comes under a dangerous threat. iNumber Number takes street warfare, law and order, justice and retribution to a new level in the local television space. The series builds on the original movie’s tense high stakes action and suspense, ensuring that viewers are kept on the edge of their seats every episode.




Quizzical Pictures is honoured to bring Africa's hottest TV show MTV Shuga down south to Johannesburg for its fifth season.  The series plays out in a small township just outside Jozi where we follow the lives of teens and young adults. MTV Shuga down south relates a bitter-sweet tale of love, betrayal, relationships and heartache.



After a hiatus of eight years the much loved local newsroom drama Hard Copy returns to SABC3 screens for a fourth season. The show is set in the newsroom of a struggling independent newspaper. The series originally ran for three seasons between 2006 and 2008 and was heralded as a breakthrough for its dynamic, kinetic approach to visual storytelling.



Set in the dusty mining town of Welkom, Ya Lla is the story of how an extraordinary young man takes control of what's left of the once legendary Amarashea gang and tries to restore it to its former glory.  But his courage, charm and confidence are matched only by his ambition and as he overcomes each obstacle in his path his desire for power grows, until he becomes consumed by greed, a victim of his own success.  



Swartwater focuses on a married couple that move to a small coastal town after the death of their young son, where everything is not as it seems.

The series brings together some of some of South Africa's top talent including Jana Strydom, Louw Venter, Dirk Stoltz, Annie Malan, André Odendall and was created by Heléne Truter.



A multiple award winning hard-hitting and innovative drama series which explores the network of HIV infection.  Tracing how our lives intersect  through sexual activity, and how we become tangled in a web with complete strangers. 26 Part Series on SABC1.

The second season explores how secrets help spread the virus. 



In June 2011, Rhythm City celebrated 1000 episodes of broadcasting success and is going strong. In a relatively short time, Rhythm City has cultivated a loyal fan base and achieved soaring AR's and a local viewership of over three million people, giving Rhythm City the highest viewership of a local soap in e.tv history. Rhythm City airs on etv at 6:30 pm Monday to Friday.

Winner of 5 SAFTA Awards including Best Ensemble Cast




4 Play: Sex Tips For Girls on etv deals with the realities of life for four South African women, as never before explored on television heart-stopping truths about love, sex and relationships.

Winner of 14 SAFTA Awards including Best TV Drama Series for 2 consecutive years.





The LAB drama series was brought to South African audiences in 2006 and continued for three seasons. Set in the heart of the high-stakes world of business in South Africa, it exposes the dramatic tensions in the underbelly of the corporate world.

Winner of 2 SAFTA Awards including Best Ensemble Cast





A six part mini series, Hopeville, tells the story of Amos, who makes a new start in a small town, trying to make the best of his situation as a single dad and recovering alcoholic. Through the restoration of the town's swimming pool, Amos reconnects with his son, and finds the courage to live out what he believes, creating a ripple effect that impacts on the community at large. (A co-production with HEARTLINES and SABC Education.)

Winner of the prestigious Rose D'or for Best Drama/Mini-series and the FESPACO Best TV and Fiction Prize, Hopeville was also nominated for Best Mini-series at the International Emmy Awards and received 9 Africa Movie Academy Award nominations.


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